Ready for some action?

Of course, sport is not neglected at the Waldbad: take advantage of the wide range of sporting activities on offer.

Course programme



Swimming courses

The Delphin Kinderschwimmschule e.V. offers swimming courses for young and old swimming enthusiasts throughout the season. More Infos

Team and group sports

Team Sports


Two football goals with a width of 2.5 metres are available in the Waldbad.

Team Sports

Beach Volleyball

Our two beach volleyball courts offer a standard playing area of 16 x 8 metres and comply with the national standard for competition courts. The playing surface is river sand with an optimal grain size.

Individual Sports


Individual Sports

Table Tennis

Two table tennis tables in the forest pool invite you to play a match.

Individual Sports

Mini Golf

Our minigolf course, which was renovated in 2018, is an exciting challenge.

Individual Sports


For all those who prefer to play sports with their brain, the Waldbad has a large chess board. The appropriate pieces can be borrowed from the pool attendant.

Individual Sports

Running, Walking & Co

There is a wide range of suitable paths for jogging, walking and hiking around the Waldbad, e.g. along the Danube or in the Donauauwald forest. And one thing is for sure: you can cool off after the workout!